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Testimonies from CPA Ontario

Testimony from FirstRand Bank

“I was already using Excel extensively before the course and my biggest file was 30MB. I was skeptical as everything seemed so simple, but the thinking behind this course is amazing!

I was convinced that I can achieve equal if not more powerful results with simple functions. Now that same file is only 3MB, faster, nicer and the management loves it.”  

"The project work has proved a very useful exercise, cementing the skills I gained and helping to hone the report that I built at work to solve this problem. Top level management are very impressed with the simplicity, ease of review and wow factor that the charts give. Our team has been better engaged with the business since this report been made. I3BAR is a very, very good course and I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to take their reporting skills to the next level and set themselves apart from the traditional accountant / analyst."

If someone ever asks me what i have learned from i3BAR, I would say two things in particular, to keep it simple and keep it structured.

I was already familliar with most of the formulas explained during the course, however was not aware of the analyical power of these functions

“Challenged the way I viewed big data.”

“A fully interactive model by using simple excel functions. The sustainability is amazing as the model can be used in future years with very simple updates required.“

“Structured around real world examples.” 

Testimonies from ICAEW participants, London

i3BAR - integrated, interactive & intelligent Excel Models for Business Analytics and Reporting