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Course Outline 

The i3BAR - certificate in business analytics and reporting is a best practice methodology for Excel applications development. It provides a standard approach using simple formulae and logical structuring of data, logic and reporting to produce reliable, robust and maintainable models. These can also be highly interactive enabling users to carry out their own analysis directly, or enabling the model to be used to present and answer user queries in real time.


Suitable for anyone who produces reports in MS Excel regularly.

It is recommended that i3BAR participants should have at least two years prior experience working with MS Excel.. 

The 3-day i3BAR does not teach excel functions, it emphasises on solving actual workplace reporting challenges through structure and methodology. It is IMPORTANT that participant practices the few good functions in the pre-learning materials BEFORE attending the class.


At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

            ▪ Integrate data from disparate data sources into Excel

            ▪ Build reliable and sustainable excel-based reporting models

            ▪ Construct interactive models for decision making

           ▪ Create scenarios and what-if analysis 

           ▪ Produce visually attractive and impactful reports


All registration Closing on the 25 October 2019

Garden Court, Sandton City | Johannesburg, South Africa

27th - 29th September 2017 

Registration Closing Date: 

V&A Waterfront  | Cape Town. South Africa

26th - 28th February 2018

Registration Closing Date:

Course Outline

This is a 3-day intensive hands-on Certification course. 

i3BAR Principles & Modelling techniques

●  Design rules for the 3 block structure of an integrated model (input, logic and presentation blocks) enabling data to be smoothly integrated from multiples sources into multiple reports

●  The 2 stages of model building; constructing the foundation and creating the “data bridge” for automating updates

●  7 essential principles of making sustainable spreadsheet models (finance or non-finance) that are easy to maintain and structured to support future changes and development

●  5 steps to data transformation – turning what you have into what you want

Build and Present Interactive Reports

●  Building interactive reports incorporating dynamic charts and commentaries to answer users' queries - all driven by buttons, selection boxes, sliders and other user friendly interface controls

●  Presenting directly from Excel for interactive PowerPoint style presentations and swop between the 2 applications seamlessly – answering user questions and “what ifs” in real time

Simulation, What-if Decision Models

● Proper budget simulation and “what if” analysis; building assumptions tables and modelling using the four cost behaviour types for expense simulations

● Commonly overused and misused techniques (including Vlookup, Pivot Tables and Macros), where, when and why they should be used to manage file size, performance and maintainability

● Develop a 'what-if' simulation model to aid good decision making


i3BAR - integrated, interactive & intelligent Excel Models for Business Analytics and Reporting